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  • Why Get a Water Heater Tune Up Before It Gets Colder?

    People often associate Las Vegas with blazing heat but this is only half of the region’s climate. Oncethe winter season falls onto Nevada, the shift in the average temperature is dramatic. Out of all the equipment and appliances in a Las Vegas home, your hot water heater may be impacted by this extreme temperature fluctuation more than anything else. In order to heat water to a comfortable ...
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  • Why is Plumbing Maintenance Necessary?

    Though it may be an incredibly irritating, stressful, and seemingly expensive task, regular plumbing maintenance is actually quite necessary in the grand scheme of things. Maintaining the integrity of your home, being energy efficient, and saving yourself time, money, and headache down the line are all important reasons why plumbing maintenance is a complete necessity. One of the most important ...
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  • How Do Water Softeners Work?

    It can be so easy for us to forget where our water comes from, and what it takes to make it clean and safe for our everyday use. Before water reaches our faucet, it flows through the ground, picking up soluble bits of whatever it passes through, which can sometimes be hazardous. To filter these properties out, our homes have a variety of purification systems. One type of filter, the water ...
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  • Top Five Summer Plumbing Tips

    In Las Vegas, where the desert means incredibly hot summers (as well as very chilly winters!), we encourage all of our customers to be cautious and stay prepared when the heat hits. Keeping your plumbing well-maintained is important, since you don’t want to have to pay for a headache later on down the road for something simple that can be fixed today. Summer is also known as one of the busiest ...
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  • Three Important Water-Saving Tips

    Sound Plumbing & Heating, Inc. understands just how important it is to keep your plumbing in tip-top shape. We strive to help our customers’ plumbing systems working efficiently, and one of the ways we accomplish this is by keeping you informed about the ways to save water. Not only is it better on the environment, it’s better on your wallet as well! Having running water has become a basic ...
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  • Why Is Drain Cleaning Maintenance Important?

    Think about what goes down your drains on a daily basis. When you are washing dishes, different types of grease and food particles get washed down the drain. When you are taking a shower, hair, soap, and dirt make its way through your home’s plumbing system. If you don’t clean out your shower and sink drains regularly, all the buildup can wreak havoc on your home’s sewage lines and pipes. It is ...
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  • Sound Plumbing & Heating Rolls Out in Newly-Painted Vans

    Sound Plumbing & Heating, Inc. is excited to announce we have repainted our vans for a new, fresh appearance, including the brand new company logo! The cool blue hues mixed with the green highlights are meant to let our customers know that we are both clean and eco-friendly. In fact, we have been doing everything we can to help keep our environment healthy and our clients satisfied since we first ...
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  • Own a Restaurant? Consider Hydro-Jetting Your Kitchen Lines

    Some of the most expensive and disruptive plumbing mishaps for restaurant and food service companies stem from clogged drains , particularly regarding kitchen lines. Over time, grease and food can cause a kitchen’s pipes to develop a thick sludge which can be difficult to clean even though snaking, resulting in foul odors and potentially catastrophic floods. Fortunately, restaurant owners can ...
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