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Water Heater Tune Ups Before Winter

Water Heater Tune Ups Before Winter

People often associate Las Vegas with blazing heat but this is only half of the region’s climate. Once the winter season falls onto Nevada, the shift in the average temperature is dramatic. Whereas it once seemed as if you could cook an egg on the pavement, it will seem instead like you could store ice cream there, especially at night.

Out of all the equipment and appliances in a Las Vegas home, hot water heaters are impacted by this temperature fluctuation more than anything else. In order to heat water to a comfortable temperature, the water heater will need to work much harder than before to overcome the chilled, possible nearly-frozen, water stored within it. All of this extra effort can lead to extra wear and tear, which is why our team of Las Vegas plumbers at Sound Plumbing & Heating, Inc. recommend a water heater tune up every fall.

Water Heater Tune Up Details & Deals

A water heater tune up begins with flushing the water out of the system; it is natural for the water heater within a system to begin to collect impurities as time goes on, so a yearly flush is recommended even in areas where winters are more comfortable. Next, the anode rod within the water heater is replaced. Anode rods help prevent water heater tank corrosion in important parts of the tank by encouraging an electrochemical process that corrodes the anode rod instead; replacing the anode rod is not something that should be postponed. Lastly, we complete the tune up by performing a full maintenance of the water heater to check for any other issues. In the end, regular tune ups could easily double or triple the lifespan of your water heater.

At Sound Plumbing & Heating, Inc., we offer competitive pricing on all water heater services, including installations and repairs. Most water heater tune ups are priced under $199 (price varies depending on model and work necessary). We also offer specials and coupons to qualifying customers. Contact us today to learn more about our services, or to see if you qualify for 20% off your first water heater tune up of the season. We look forward to helping you!